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Pearl Gaming does not tolerate spam. Any affiliate using methods of spam will be placed on a warning notice and will be at risk of losing their affiliate privileges with Pearl Gaming, as well as their affiliate earnings. See the FAQ section for details about spam. 

Spamming has become a very real problem for online marketers. At Pearl Gaming, we don’t permit spam advertising. Emails are sent to existing clients or parties who have expressed an interest in receiving information from us. If you will be promoting Pearl Gaming or any of its partners by using e-mail, you should contact us first for approval. Opt-in lists for casino gambling are available and we can advise you about these. Any affiliate choosing to spam or choosing to send unsolicited e-mail will be at risk of losing their relationship with Pearl Gaming. We value our affiliates but must uphold the CanSpam Act of 2003 by enforcing this policy.

We enforce and prohibit engaging in spamming activities related to our website. Our affiliate program partners and our ISP have anti-spam policies and we choose to act in accordance to those policies. All affiliates are aware of our spamming policy and should ask questions if they don’t understand prior to enrollment.

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