Privacy Policy for Pearl Gaming and Pearl Gaming Affiliates

We respect our client’s privacy. All of the information we collect from any of our clients is handled with careful consideration and confidentiality both of which are always our utmost concern. We do not disclose your personal information or your e-mail to any outside or third party vendors outside of the management team of Pearl Gaming. The only exception to this is within the boundaries of reasonable expectation from the casinos, poker rooms and bingo rooms affiliated directly with Pearl Gaming.

We only collect information from you in a non-intrusive manner. The information you allow us to have will always be protected. You agree that we have permission to gain this data from you in conjunction with Pearl Gaming’s affiliate program. We are the sole recipient of the information you provide and we do not sell or rent the information to anyone for any reason or purpose outside of Pearl Gaming.

Some of our site partners collect information from you upon player registration and we also collect data from you through various means such as e-mails and telephone conversations. All of the information you supply is voluntary and we realize you are providing it in good faith under the expectation that we will do our best to keep it confidential. However, our confidentiality policy and privacy policy can only be guaranteed from Pearl Gaming and not necessarily all of our partners. Please see their individual websites for more details if you have concerns on their specific policies.

If you choose to receive ACH payments or wire transfers, you will provide confidential financial information which will be kept private as well.

Other Information for Pearl Gaming Affiliates:

  1. When completing your registration form, you will give personal information. We will keep all of this information private including your name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers and other personal information.
  2. We advise our affiliates that any information they choose to use in player forums or chats is at their own risk and often the information is viewed by many individuals in the public forums. We advise our clients to keep this in mind when placing personal information into these forums.
  3. At any time, if you wish to opt-out of e-mailed newsletters or other correspondence you may do so by submitting your request in writing and the request will be promptly honored.
  4. There will be updates you will not be able to un-subscribe to as long as you are an active affiliate and you understand this as terms of the affiliate program.
  5. Participation in any surveys or contests/promotions online are solely at your discretion and completely voluntary.
  6. Remember, the external links to other sites are to be handled as individual sites with their own privacy controls in place. We advise our affiliates to read their privacy policy before entering any personal information. Our privacy policy only covers information Pearl Gaming directly collects and therefore, protects.
  7. Notification of any changes in the privacy policy will be posted and all affiliates will be able to view it. If a policy changes and the affiliate has questions or concerns, please contact customer service as soon as possible.
  8. We take all precautions necessary to protect our clients from misuse of their private information. When providing your personal information, our encryption is used to protect sensitive information over the internet. Our servers are protected and your information is kept secure. If you have questions about the security of your information or if you have reason to believe your information is not secure, please contact customer support at once.
  9. Our first obligation is to our affiliates. We will send all new affiliates a welcome notice complete with password and username. If you do not receive your welcome notice, please contact us as soon as possible.
  10. If you discover at any time your information is incorrect or needs a change implemented, please send an e-mail immediately and we will make the necessary change.
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