November 6, 2006

Online service simplifies things for affiliates, putting everything in one central package

For those who have aspired to become involved in the extremely exciting world of online gaming, concerns about quality web design and development, content production, programming and technical support have always been an obstacle. Certainly, everyone wants to make money in the industry, but not everyone knows how to establish a web presence, write content for their website, and negotiate themselves through an endless series of passwords and account managers to coordinate an eclectic group of product offerings they are promoting. Consequently, there has been a natural barrier to entry.
That is, until now.
A company called Pearl Gaming is literally ushering in a revolution in affiliate marketing for the gaming industry, by offering the first true turnkey solution to allow casino affiliates to be in business - and doing business - within a matter of minutes.
Not only is the solution from Pearl Gaming all-inclusive, it is also quite comprehensive. Through the company's one-of-a-kind affiliate site generator, there is a fully integrated content management system that allows affiliates to execute changes and enhancements at any time. On top of that, Pearl Gaming has plans in place to offer content relevant to casino games available to affiliates free of charge, which is unprecedented.
Any affiliate site that signs up with Pearl Gaming will have the capability of putting up its own user forum and blog, as well as an autoresponder, tournament manager, and a component by which sites can afford themselves of reviews for all the casinos they choose to affiliate with.
That list of casino properties hovers around 50 and will continue to grow and grow and grow. Pearl Gaming has plans to expand the selection of quality gaming product for its affiliates, moving deeper into the casino and poker genre and eventually into skill games.
Pearl Gaming's one-stop shop simplifies the process. That works tremendously well for the beginning casino affiliate, because it creates as painless an entry as possible into the creation of an effective affiliate site, allowing the publisher to concentrate on the critical element of marketing. However, it is the favorable route for veterans of the business as well, making it possible to manage and monitor statistics for multiple sites and multiple affiliate programs, and to coordinate marketing materials, all from one centralized control panel. All anyone needs is a single login.
For more information about Pearl Gaming's unique way to launch casino affiliates into the business, contact the company at [email protected], or visit .

October 12, 2006

In light of the newly imposed internet gambling bill by US congress, many people are expressing concerns about their gaming affiliate programs. Are they safe and, most importantly, are they legal? At Pearl Gaming, let us reassure you, our affiliates are perfectly safe and well within the legal limits of affiliate program profiteering.

While many casinos are currently distancing themselves from US based clients, Pearl Gaming does not share our affiliates personal information with any of the online casinos we are associated with. We cannot assure all of your affiliate program endeavors will hold true, but your Pearl Gaming Affiliation is perfectly safe and secure. Furthermore, starting next week, Pearl Gaming will be hosting its web site from the UK where no such internet gambling laws exist.

The US government has not made internet gambling itself illegal, rather they have made it illegal for banking institutions to conduct business with online gambling firms, most of which are operating offshore. This means any player on US soil may gamble all they like (if the casino allows them to do so), but they may not actually collect any of their winning as the banks are not allowed to transfer the funds from casino to US player. Pearl Gaming, not being based in the United States of America, is not bound by these laws. Therefore, any profits assumed by Pearl Gaming are not affected by the new bill.

Pearl Gaming, nor any of its affiliates, do not provide online gambling, we merely advertise for those who do. All payments from the casinos come directly to Pearl Gaming and are then passed on to our affiliates. Simply put, Pearl Gaming's affiliates are being paid by Pearl Gaming, not online gambling institutions.

I hope this has put our affiliates' minds at ease. Pearl Gaming will provide more articles and information on this subject as it becomes available to us. Rest assured, Pearl Gaming protects its affiliates! We encourage all of our current and future affiliates to move forward with us, undivided, into the invariable future of this ever growing company.

You can read more about our analysis here.  Or you can watch a video made by the APCW here.

August 9, 2006

Pearl Gaming proudly announces the launch of the most comprehensive affiliate program in the gaming industry. With an all-inclusive approach to affiliate marketing, Pearl Gaming will lead affiliates into a new way of doing business.

What sets Pearl Gaming apart from the competition is more than just attractive commissions paid in a timely manner; it is about conducting business for the affiliates. Pearl Gaming provides a means to an end so the gaming affiliate won’t have to look anywhere else for the tools they need to succeed in the affiliate gaming business.

Designed to offer a complete turn-key package, Pearl Gaming allows affiliates to have more time to focus on promotions by providing a sensible way of conducting affiliate business. They’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in gaming to develop a package which includes website creation and hosting, gaming forums, centralized earning stats, centralized traffic stats, newsletter management, auto-responders and much more.

Dedicated to making the life of the affiliate a whole lot easier, Pearl Gaming manages leader boards, tournaments upon request, player stats with comprehensive charts and other products to keep the affiliate’s business manageable. In addition to all of the right tools for success, 24 hour support is available 7 days a week through instant messaging options, phone or e-mail.

This program is about making it easier for the affiliate so that the affiliate can make it easier for the player. Pearl Gaming is the most enticing affiliate program available today and truly stands out in a crowd with industry leaders, innovative technology and priceless service. Contact Pearl Gaming by visiting .

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