Welcome to Pearl Gaming's Newsletter for the week of March 20, 2007. This week you'll find excellent advice on content revision and keyword density, intended to help our affiliates gain the best SEO for their web site(s). Internet gaming news includes two very interesting articles - one on a confirmed, ongoing attempt by Congressman Barney Frank to repeal the UIGEA - the other concerning the NETeller case, which has been postponed by the US Government.

It's that time again... Pearl Gaming has chosen our new winners of the affiliate Site of the Month and gaming Property of the Month. Both winners will receive featured links on the Pearl Gaming web site. Don't forget to check them out! Without any further ado, we hope you find the information in this newsletter helpful and informative... happy reading :)

Pearl Gaming Shortcuts & Tips

The Woes of Duplicate Content

If there's one thing that will get your web site immediately lowered on search engine indexes, it's duplicate content. Searchers despise duplicate content web sites; therefore search engines do as well, and have created filters to detect them. No matter how much SEO you put into your web site, if duplicate content is detected, you'll lose the top indexing battle with your competition.

Pearl Gaming offers pre-written reviews of each gaming property on our network, as well as pre-written articles that can be installed almost instantly. They are SEO optimized to drive more traffic to your web site and deliver the best SEO results. However, if every affiliate places these on their web site, they will become duplicate content, defeating the purpose altogether. So, how do we utilize these features without losing Page Ranking?

For each gaming property, affiliates should edit the review into their own words. Keep the basic idea, just use different wording. For each article, do the same thing. Change it up enough to avoid duplicate content detection by search engines. Each review and article comes with its own keywords and keyword phrases already implemented. You may either keep the keywords in the content, or change the keywords in the appropriate keyword text area and edit the material to utilize your own keywords. In this case, you may wish to change the Description as well to utilize the new keywords.

To edit the review for an installed gaming property, access the Products Tool in your CMS Admin Panel. Scroll to the far right and you will see an Edit option. Of course, some of the details should not be changed, like “established date” and “software provider”.

To edit the installed articles on your web site, go into your Pages List on the CMS Admin Panel. Each installed article will be available on this list. Click the Edit option next to the article and revise the text into your own words.

You may also add extra features, depending on the content of the article. For instance, Pearl Gaming has recently added 3 articles on Satellite tournaments and the WSOP. Two of those article, “Satellite Into The WSOP” and “Satellite Tournament Basics”, both mention that WSOP Satellite tournaments are offered at Betfred Poker and Manchester United Poker. It would be wise to offer banners and/or links to these two casinos somewhere within the article's content.

Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

Keyword Density Optimization

When adding your keywords to your content, you would think the more times it is found; the more relevant your site will be to that topic. Therefore, search engines will give you a better index ranking for that keyword, right? Not exactly...

You do want to use each keyword phrase several times, but you don't want to over-do it. This is called stuffing, and is filtered by search engines. When it is found, your page will actually receive a lower index ranking. To avoid being “filtered” in this manner, you can run a Keyword Density test on your keywords. The optimal Keyword Density for a keyword or keyword phrase is between 5% and 7% density.

There are many programs and web sites that offer a Keyword Density Tool. One in particular is the SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool is easy to use and is a free service. It allows you to test any web page, and presents density results for all phrases found in your web site up to 3 word phrases. It also allows you to search Meta, Alt and Title tags, as search engines crawl them as well.

As mentioned, the density should be between 5% and 7% for best search engine indexing results. Density is determined by non-keywords vs. keywords used. For every 100 words, each keyword should be detected 5-7 times. If density is too high, remove the phrase from a few areas of your web site, or add more content. If it is too low, try to add it in more areas, or lessen the content. Each keyword phrase should be present in the beginning, middle and end of your content. Here are a few tips for optimal keywords and keyword density.

1.Use phrases, not one-word keywords. Phrases are easier to optimize for and have less competition.

2.Use keyword phrases in the beginning, middle and end of your visible content.

3. Use keyword phrases in your Image Alt Tags and Link Title Tags.

4. Keep keyword phrases to a minimum. It is easier to optimize for 3 or 4 keyword phrases rather than 10 or 20.

5. Keyword Density should be 5% - 7% for every keyword phrase to achieve maximum SEO.

Internet Gambling Law News

Attempt To Repeal UIGEA Confirmed

It has been confirmed that US Congressman Barney Frank, chairmen of the House Financial Services Committee, is in fact going through the necessary maneuvers in legislation to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

The story first broke on the Financial Times web site March 14, who was granted an interview with Congressman Frank. Frank relayed his desire to repeal the UIGEA, calling it one of the “stupidest laws” ever passed. The plan to repeal has not been fully detailed at this point, and no time-frame yet determined.

“I am working on legislation to cut back on this internet gambling thing,” Congressman Frank stated. “I think it's preposterous.” The chairman has publicly opposed the law since March of 2006, long before it was ever passed.

John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is deemed an ally in Frank's campaign to repeal the UIGEA. While Conyers and Frank would make a powerful team in these efforts, there are some who cast doubt upon whether enough support will be gathered to enact a regulatory bill.

It is reported that the US Treasury is in the process of drafting the necessary rules to implement such an Act, which is now expected in April or May of this year, as they have already missed the first deadline for presentation.


Payment Processor News

US Government Postpones NETeller Case

It was reported on March 16 that the NETeller case is being postponed by the US Government. NETeller Co-founders Stephen Lawrence and John LeFebvre were arrested in January, 2007, while changing planes at a US airport, and have been brought up on charges of “money laundering”, which translates to conspiracy to transfer funds with the intention of promoting illegal gambling over the Internet.

It is speculated that this continuance was brought about by the legislative maneuvers taking place in an effort to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The case is expected to take an entirely different course if this happens. No results are expected to come of the repeal before April or May this year. Even then, it may take much longer for any regulatory bill to be passed.

Stocks for many online gambling operations rose in response to the delay of the NETeller case. Many people, including investors, are hoping the case will be dropped altogether. It is not yet clear what this could mean for NETeller account holders whose assets remain frozen.

Pearl Gaming Site of the Month

From all of us at Pearl Gaming, we offer our proudest congratulations to Nolan, webmaster of www.beatingbonuses.com, and winner of Pearl Gaming's second Site of the Month. To win the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month, a web site must achieve maximum SEO, a high traffic rate, unique content and the most players. This can all be attained through the use of Pearl Gaming's innovative tools and features.

Nolan's Beating Bonuses web site is very unique and offers interesting content that draws multiple players to his web site. The web site is beautifully designed and is very easy to navigate. Visitors find excellent advice for novice and veteran players, including Odds Calculators, strategies, rules and other information on many of the most popular casino and poker games. As the name implies, you'll also find detailed tables describing the sign-up bonuses for each gaming site he offers. Bonus details can be viewed by all casinos, casinos offered by a particular software provider, game type, or by best casino bonuses.

Pearl Gaming spoke with Nolan about his web site, and asked him how he felt about winning Site of the Month. He replied, “I am happy and proud to receive Pearl Gaming's Site of the Month. There are many quality sites on Pearl Gaming, so the recognition is quite meaningful to me.” Nolan, who joined Pearl Gaming on Dec. 9, 2006, commented on Pearl Gaming's customer support, “Pearl Gaming's customer support has been outstanding, better than any other affiliate program I have been with. Karim and the team have gone out of their way to assist me on several different occasions.”

We at Pearl Gaming think Nolan has done an amazing job on his web site and are proud to have him as an affiliate of Pearl Gaming. Beating Bonuses will receive a featured link on the Pearl Gaming web site as our newest affiliate Site of the Month. Way to go, Nolan!

Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month

Pearl Gaming is proud to announce Manchester United Poker as this month’s winner of Pearl Gaming Property of the Month. Manchester United Poker has gained a magnificent reputation as one of the elite online poker sites. As part of the Betfred network, Manchester United Poker offers high quality entertainment, absolute security and great overall customer satisfaction.

At Manchester United Poker, players enjoy the finest poker games available, like Omaha and Texas Hold'Em. Powered by PlayTech software, game play is uninterrupted, providing streaming 3D graphics and an authentic poker playing experience. Promotions include Red Devil Loyalty Bonus, which accumulates points determined by the players VIP Level. The points are converted to Red Devil Bonus Dollars and added to the players account at the first of each month. Security and customer support are both excellent, with no problems reported in either department.

Another unique quality of Manchester United Poker, and one certainly worth promoting on your affiliate web sites, is that they offer Satellite Tournaments and Super Satellite Tournaments into the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Satellite tournaments offer lower buy-ins, allowing players to win their way to the WSOP, while the Super Satellite Tournament takes a higher buy-in of $375 ($350 + $25). However, the winner of the Super Satellite Tournament is automatically awarded a seat at the WSOP Main Event. The prize package, worth $14,000, covers buy-in, flight and accommodations.

As Pearl Gaming Property of the Month, we greatly encourage our affiliates to highlight Manchester United Poker as one of the elite online gaming properties available today! Manchester United Poker will be receiving a featured link on our web site as Pearl Gaming Property of the Month.

We at Pearl Gaming hope you've enjoyed and can put to use the knowledge contained in our Weekly Newsletter. In addition, if any affiliate of Pearl Gaming would like to contribute material to our future Newsletters, please feel free to contact and/or send the material to [email protected] Any material provided by our affiliates that is published in the Pearl Gaming Newsletter will receive a backlink to the affiliate's site. Please note that the content provided must be your original work.

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