Welcome to Pearl Gaming's Newsletter for the week of March 13, 2007. In this week's articles, you'll discover the importance of maintaining an active Blog, how it can drive a substantial amount of traffic into your web site, and the best Blog management practices. You'll also learn the advantages of joining Google Analytics, and how easily it can be implemented into your affiliate web site.

Read about the latest Payment Processor and Online Gambling Law News. Don't forget to check our Pearl Gaming Site of the Month and Property of the Month section, where we give you great ideas for which gambling properties should be especially highlighted on our affiliate's web sites, and why.

Announcement: Pearl Gaming would like to take a moment to welcome Spin Palace as the newest casino integrated into the Pearl Gaming Casino Affiliate Program Network. Don't forget to add this great new property to your affiliate web sites!

An Important Note to Affiliates on CPA Abuse: Pearl Gaming is committed to establishing an honest, trusting relationship with all of our affiliates. As affiliates of Pearl Gaming, we hope all members will treat this program with the same honesty and respect. Every member of Pearl Gaming, affiliates and staff alike, are responsible for the overall success of this affiliate program. If we all work together, as a team - we will prosper and grow together, as a team. With that said, please be aware that Pearl Gaming CPA Accounts are, and will continue to be monitored for abuse. It is being identified and Pearl Gaming will do everything in its power to thwart this kind of behavior.

Karim Dahmani
Pearl Gaming CEO



Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

Become One With Your Blog

Consistently updating your Blog is a very effective way of increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and traffic. It not only produces potential backlinks to your affiliate web site, Blogs bring in their own traffic if properly managed.

First things first, your Blog must contain INTERESTING content relevant to the products you're marketing. This does NOT mean advertise your products in your Blog (though that can be implemented). It means write content that your visitors will find interesting that pertains to your product. For instance, write a blog about casino bonuses and their wager requirements, describing what you feel is and is not a decent play-through and why. Then provide some links to a few of the online casinos and poker rooms that fall into your standards of a good bonus/play-through. BetFred would probably be a good place to start, if you choose to follow through on this example.

Another great benefit of Blogs is potential backlinks. You could write a blog about a web site that has content relative to your own. Since most people with these kind of web sites track their visitors, if a reader clicks to their site from your Blog, the owner of the site will notice it and find your Blog. In most cases, the site owner will in turn write a blog about your web site and link to it. Obviously, you want the post to be positive, or you'll get nothing from the other site.

It is highly recommended to post on your Blog at least once a day. Be bold, be entertaining, let people know you're human by offering your emotions. If your blog is boring, no one will come back to it; much less refer it to friends. If you're having a hard time coming up with content ideas, visit some other relevant blogs or forums. This is for idea purposes only, please do NOT copy anyone else's content (duh! :)

When actively utilizing your Blog, you can get your message out very quickly by Blog Pinging. Blog Pinging is, in short, telling search engines and other web-logs that you have added new content to your Blog. For more information on what Blog Pinging is, what it can do for your web site, and a great selection of Blog Pinging Services, follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping_blog

New Pearl Gaming Software Feature

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great feature offered for free by Google. It allows webmasters to track visitors - where they're coming from, what links they're following - what keywords were searched (if coming from a search engine), etc. Affiliate of Pearl Gaming may install Google Analytics on their web site very simply from the new Site Settings tool, located on your CMS Admin Panel.

Normally, to install Google Analytics, the webmaster would need to copy a script code, given to them by Google, and then insert the code into a specific area of their HTML for each page they want to track. Pearl Gaming has taken this process and turned it into a simple procedure - 1, 2, 3, Done!

1. Sign up for a Google Account (if you don't already have one), then go to http://www.google.com/analytics. Enter your web site URL in the box provided. Google will give you a <script> code to copy and paste into your web site.

2. In another browser, log into the CMS Admin Panel of your Pearl Gaming Affiliate Site. Scroll to the far right and click the Site Settings tab. Paste the script code provided by Google into the box labeled "Google Analytics Code given to you by Google", and click Send.

3. Back to your Google Analytics page; click the "Verify Tracking" button. You should receive the message "Waiting For Data: Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now."

You are now ready to track your web site visitors and obtain very useful, detailed information to help you develop an even better web site. Perhaps a searcher found you with a few of your keywords, and a few words you weren't using. You can now choose whether to add those as keywords. Or maybe a visitor found you from another web site's Blog you didn't know about. That means the webmaster of that site has provided you a backlink. Why not give them a backlink as well? It's all good business practices, which can get you very far in any online marketing endeavor.

If you have any questions about the Site Settings Tool, or Google Analytics - or need assistance setting up this feature - please don't hesitate to contact one of our Pearl Gaming Affiliate Managers.

Internet Gambling Law News

EU Court Rules against Italy

Several states in Europe have been conducting state-run monopolies on Internet gambling, but that may soon come to an end. On March 6, 2007, the highest European court ruled against Italy, who was attempting to bar online gambling companies located within the European Union, but outside of Italy, from doing business with their citizens.

Three people were operating gambling shops within Italy's borders, where people could place bets. Then the bets were transferred to Stanleybet International, a British gambling company. Italy, as well as several other European states, have cited that they could not protect individuals from participating in unhealthy gambling habits, such as addiction, without controlling their own private market. Such was Italy's claim when they went through the court system in attempt to halt this type of business activity.

Many private-sector gambling companies are excited by this ruling, as it may force the opening of European betting markets, putting an end to state-run monopolies. However, the ruling applies only to sports betting, and does not specifically allow holders of a betting license in the European Union to operate without borders.

Amongst the speculations of the court's ruling, it is now expected that France and Germany, both capitalizing on state-run monopolies, will also be forced to open their markets, though Germany claims their case is completely different from Italy's. Head of the gambling organization in Baden-Wьrttemberg, Friedhelm Repnik, stated, “[In Italy] , there is a partial opening of the market; here, a clear state monopoly, whose central justification is the protection of gamblers and the prevention of addiction.”

Many gambling companies watched in dismay as their shares declined rapidly in light of the US signing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Since the EU court's ruling on March 6, several European gambling companies have experienced a significant boost on the stock market. If the current trend proceeds as expected, it could mean a much better outlook for the future than previously anticipated.


Pearl Gaming Site of the Month


The entire staff of Pearl Gaming would like to congratulate Steve, the webmaster of www.slotsreviewonline.com, for winning our very first Pearl Gaming Site of the Month! This is achieved by the development of maximum SEO, the highest hit rate and gaining the most players through the use of Pearl Gaming's innovative tools.

http://www.slotsreviewonline.com has implemented products and reviews, forum, blog, plus individual game links with reviews, game rules and strategies, each with a link to every casino that offers these games. We at Pearl Gaming think Steve has done an outstanding job and are proud to present him with the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month!

When asked how he felt about winning site of the month, Steve had this to say, "Excited. There are a lot of good looking sites in the Pearl Gaming family, and it was nice to know I was lucky enough to be picked." Steve has been a member of Pearl Gaming since November, 2006, and has had previous experience with affiliate web sites. We asked Steve if he thought Pearl Gaming's Admin Tools helped him to create the best site, to which he replied, "Yes. The [Pearl Gaming] tools made it tremendously easier to add all the things needed to be a good site. It can take a lot of time to create material, articles, reviews and place banners in a site. These admin tools make that so much easier." He went on to give Pearl Gaming's customer support team a fantastic rating of 10!

As the winner of Pearl Gaming Site of the Month, www.slotsreviewonline.com will receive a featured link on the Pearl Gaming web site. Congratulations Steve!!!

Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month

Betfred Poker

Pearl Gaming is proud to announce BetFred Poker as the winner of Pearl Gaming Property of the Month. BetFred Poker is a highly distinguished member of the online gambling community, present impeccable quality in every aspect of their online poker room.

BetFred Poker is owned and operated by the world's largest independent bookmaker, the BetFred Company, established in 1967. Their vast experience in the industry was brought to the virtual world in 2004 and never missed a beat. BetFred offers the most specials, promotions and bonuses in the online gaming community, rightfully earning the nickname, "The Bonus King". Combined with exciting game play, professional customer support and cutting-edge security, this online poker room made its way quickly to the top.

Players at BetFred Poker enjoy the absolute best in online poker, including Texas Hold'Em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, with tournaments held on a regular basis. Security is never compromised, providing the most current, sophisticated encryption technologies. Customer support is prompt, professional and always friendly. All of these reputable qualities have earned BetFred Poker the well-deserved reputation as a supreme online gaming site.

As Pearl Gaming Property of the Month, we would like to encourage our affiliates to highlight BetFred Poker as one of the elite online gaming properties available today! BetFred Poker will be receiving a featured link on our web site as Pearl Gaming Property of the Month.

We at Pearl Gaming hope you've enjoyed and can put to use the knowledge contained in our Weekly Newsletter. In addition, if any affiliate of Pearl Gaming would like to contribute material to our future Newsletters, please feel free to contact and/or send the material to [email protected] Any material provided by our affiliates that is published in the Pearl Gaming Newsletter will receive a backlink to the affiliate's site. Please note that the content provided must be your original work.

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