Welcome to Pearl Gaming's Newsletter for the week of March 3, 2007. We have received some excellent feedback on our Weekly Newsletters and would like to thank each and every one of you for your interest and support. This week, you'll find useful information for building your affiliate web site SEO through Alternative Text Tags in Images, plus how to get your site quickly and properly indexed in search engines with Pearl Gaming's automatic Sitemap feature. Find out what online casinos are offering great new promotions and should be especially marketed on your affiliate web site.

Don't forget to check out Pearl Gaming's Site of the Month and Property of the Month winners! Pearl Gaming will be keeping February's Property and Site of the Month for the duration of March since our Newsletters started midway through the month of February. Pearl Gaming's Property of the Month is the best online gambling site at the moment, pertaining to both new player integration and overall customer satisfaction. Capitalize on this market by highlighting the Property of the Month as a top online casino/poker/bingo provider on your affiliate web site!

Correction in Pearl Gaming Newsletter 2-27-07 - Payment Method News "More E-Wallets Pull Out Of Internet Gambling Market". In this article, Pearl Gaming reported that ePassporte has pulled out of the internet gambling market. As it turns out, ePassporte has only pulled out of all bingo and casino related internet gambling markets. ePassporte will still be a valid monetary transfer option for the internet poker industry, provided the operator in question does not supply any bingo or casino related games/materials. Please accept Pearl Gaming's sincere apology for relaying this incomplete information.

Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

Implementing SEO into Images

For every image you place on your affiliate web site, you can raise the maximum SEO of your site. By placing keywords and keyword phrases into the Alternative Text Tag of an image, you can strengthen the relevancy of each keyword and keyword phrase used. The more times a keyword is used in a page, the higher its relevancy becomes to search engines. It is also important to have them distributed throughout the page (top, middle and bottom).

When creating a new page or editing an existing page, such as your main page, you have the option of uploading images. Choose the Insert/Edit Image button on your editor, then select Upload from the tabs on the pop-up window. Now click Browse to locate the file on your computer, followed by Send It To The Server. You will get a pop-up message saying the file has been successfully uploaded. Now you should be on the Image Info Tab. The second text area is labeled Alternative Text. Type a brief description for the image, utilizing as many of your web page\'s keywords and keyword phrases as possible.

Depending on the image and its intended use on your web site, you may be able to paste your web page's description into the Alternative Text area. The description for your web page is located at the bottom of the page editing window, where you enter Keywords and Description. Since your page description should already be a brief paragraph containing every keyword and keyword phrase, placing it into the Alternative Text of an image is an excellent way to repeat all keywords without creating redundant content for your readers.

Note that you may also insert existing images, not located in your computer files. This is done by choosing Insert/Edit Image in the editor, then typing the URL for the image in the URL text area, under Image Info.

New Pearl Gaming Software Feature

Utilize Your Sitemap

Did you know that as an affiliate of Pearl Gaming, you already have a sitemap for your web site? Sitemaps are XML files created to inform search engines of the details and location of each page on your web site. By using a sitemap, search engines are able to sort and index your web pages very quickly and much more efficiently. In most cases, creating a sitemap requires extensive knowledge of creating XML files, or downloading software to help you create a sitemap... not at Pearl Gaming!

When you generate an affiliate site, Pearl Gaming automatically creates a sitemap file for the web site. Every time you add a page to the web site, Pearl Gaming instantly updates the sitemap. In order to make use of this sitemap, all you have to do is tell the search engines that it exists. Let's take Google for example. To tell Google about your sitemap, you will need to sign up a Google Account (if you haven't already), which is absolutely free. Then go to http://www.google.com/sitemaps and follow the instructions to upload your sitemap. You will be asked for the URL of your sitemap. Example: If your web site URL is http://www.yoursite.com, your sitemap URL will be http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

Next you will be asked by Google to Verify Your Site. They will give you two options: Upload an HTML File or Add a Meta Tag to your web site. Choose to Add a Meta Tag. Google will display the Meta Tag to be added. Copy this entire Meta Tag, then log into your site's CMS Admin Panel and choose Site Settings from the top menu. There are two text areas here. The second is labeled Google Validation Meta Tag. Paste the Meta Tag given to you by Google into this text area and click Send.

It's that simple! If you need any assistance or have questions about the Sitemaps feature, please don't hesitate to contact any of our Pearl Gaming Affiliate Managers.

Internet Gambling Law News

Petition to Legalize Online Gambling In the US

US-Gamblers.com has started a petition to legalize and regulate online gambling in the United States. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 has wreaked havoc on the internet gambling industry, for players and casino operators alike.

US-Gamblers.com is urging all citizens of the US who have been affected by the UIGEA to sign this petition. Once they have received 1 million signatures, they are going to deliver the petition to every member of the US Congress. There is a large percentage of current and ex- online gamblers in the US who oppose the US government regulating online gambling, but let\'s look at the facts...

Land-based casinos are regulated in the US, requiring taxes and licensing fees to be paid, but they are legally operated and have seen no decrease in clientele or payout percentages. The consequence of requiring taxes and licensing fees from an online gambling operation will only affect the rakes taken, which is expected to be a very low increase. Players in the US would be able to gamble online, legally, without worrying about whether their deposited assets and/or winnings in the gambling property or any associated 'e-wallet' will be frozen, if not lost altogether.

Bill Burton, of CasinoGambling.com, has written an excellent article detailing the benefits of this petition and encouraging other US citizens to add their signatures. It can be found here: http://casinogambling.about.com/ od/poker/a/legal.htm

To sign this petition and join the fight against the UIGEA of 2006, click here: Sign the Petition (link to - http://us-gamblers.com/petition.asp)
Note: You must be a legal citizen of the United States to sign this petition, and may only sign once.


Internet Gambling: Promos & News

Mad March at Betfred & MU Casino

For the entire month of March, Betfred Casino is offering a fantastic Mad March bonus. Players at Betfred Casino already receive a monthly reload bonus on their first deposit each month. With this new promotion, instead of receiving one deposit bonus in March, players can take advantage of the Mad March Bonus each and every week!

Players will be awarded a 25% deposit bonus up to $25, giving them the opportunity to earn $100 free over the course of the month. This offer is available to both new and current members of Betfred Casino. Manchester United Casino will also be running this promotion for the same duration. Please note the bonus terms and conditions at Betfred Casino and Manchester United Casino have changed as of March 1, 2007.

Video Poker Classic Ups the Ante

Video Poker Classic has developed a new, 2 tiered deposit bonus for their new members. Upon signing up a new, real money account, players receive a 100% matching bonus up to $100 on their first deposit and 50% up to $250 on the second deposit. These deposits must be a minimum of $/Ђ/Ј25 and cannot be made by credit card payment. Video Poker Classic has also added 50+ new games to their No Download Flash Version, and are adding more every month. They are currently busy creating Flash Versions in other languages supported by the online casino.

GFed Waves Goodbye to US Players

Online gambling properties owned by the Gambling Federation will no longer be accepting US players. GFed poker rooms and casinos include: Blackjack Club, Sizzling Slots, Pink Lady Casino, Commodore Poker, Commodore Casino, Video Poker Classic, Scarlet Poker and Slots Express.

- Pearl Gaming would like to encourage our affiliates to help promote the new bonus offers from Betfred Casino, Manchester United Casino and Video Poker Classic on your affiliate web sites. It is also highly recommended to update your affiliate web site to show that GFed Games are no longer accepting US players. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact a Pearl Gaming Affiliate Manager at any time.

Pearl Gaming Site of the Month


The entire staff of Pearl Gaming would like to congratulate Steve, the webmaster of www.slotsreviewonline.com, for winning our very first Pearl Gaming Site of the Month! This is achieved by the development of maximum SEO, the highest hit rate and gaining the most players through the use of Pearl Gaming\'s innovative tools.

http://www.slotsreviewonline.com has implemented products and reviews, forum, blog, plus individual game links with reviews, game rules and strategies, each with a link to every casino that offers these games. We at Pearl Gaming think Steve has done an outstanding job and are proud to present him with the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month!

When asked how he felt about winning site of the month, Steve had this to say, "Excited. There are a lot of good looking sites in the Pearl Gaming family, and it was nice to know I was lucky enough to be picked." Steve has been a member of Pearl Gaming since November, 2006, and has had previous experience with affiliate web sites. We asked Steve if he thought Pearl Gaming\'s Admin Tools helped him to create the best site, to which he replied, "Yes. The [Pearl Gaming] tools made it tremendously easier to add all the things needed to be a good site. It can take a lot of time to create material, articles, reviews and place banners in a site. These admin tools make that so much easier." He went on to give Pearl Gaming\'s customer support team a fantastic rating of 10!

As the winner of Pearl Gaming Site of the Month, www.slotsreviewonline.com will receive a featured link on the Pearl Gaming web site. Congratulations Steve!!!

Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month

Betfred Poker

Pearl Gaming is proud to announce Club Euro World and Betfred Poker as the winners of Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month. We had originally intended to pick just one Property of the Month, but with the impeccable quality of these two online gaming houses, it was simply too hard to choose between them.

Club Euro Casino was an easy choice for us at Pearl Gaming for its elegance and high quality gaming experience. They put their customers first and make every effort to establish long-lasting relationships with their members, guaranteeing prompt and personal replies to all customer support inquiries. Club World Euro has set the highest standard for online gaming, security and complete customer satisfaction.

Betfred Poker is owned and operated by the world\'s largest independent bookmaker, the Betfred company, established in 1967. Their vast experience in the industry was brought to the virtual world in 2004 and never missed a beat. Betfred offers the most specials, promotions and bonuses in the online gaming community, rightfully earning the nickname, "The Bonus King". Combined with exciting game play, professional customer support and cutting-edge security, this online poker room made its way quickly to the top.

As Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month, we would like to encourage our affiliates to highlight Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker as two of the elite online gaming properties available today! Both Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker will be receiving featured links on our web site as Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month.

We at Pearl Gaming hope you've enjoyed and can put to use the knowledge contained in our Weekly Newsletter. In addition, if any affiliate of Pearl Gaming would like to contribute material to our future Newsletters, please feel free to contact and/or send the material to [email protected] Any material provided by our affiliates that is published in the Pearl Gaming Newsletter will receive a backlink you the affiliate's site. Please note that the content provided must be your original work.

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