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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Pearl Gaming Weekly Newsletter. This week, you'll find useful information to help make better use of Pearl Gaming's tools, like integrating banners into your template and different ways to access your CMS Admin Panel. You'll learn how to raise the SEO of your affiliate web site utilizing directory entries. You'll also find some interesting news on the current internet gambling law situation, as well as a great new ePassporte Card promotion offered by Pearl Gaming. If you missed it last week, be sure to check out the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month and Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month!



Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

Utilizing Directory Entries

In this day and age, it is near impossible to achieve a good placement on Google without acquiring extensive backlinks to your web site. A backlink is when another web site provides a link to your web site. There are several ways of obtaining backlinks.

The first, and most effective, is Link Directories. These are web sites that provide links to thousands of other web sites, sorted by categories, kind of like a search engine. By submitting your URL to a links directory, you may receive one or several links back to your site. You are typically asked to provide the URL, a short Title and brief Description of your web site. Be careful when selecting the category for your web sites placement. Be as specific as possible, delving as far into the categories as you can. This will speed up the process and give you a better chance of getting listed. Also make absolutely sure that the links directory does not prohibit online gambling sites or affiliate sites in their directory. Some of the best Link Directories available will charge fees for submission, but there are some great free ones out there as well.

You may also submit your URL in bulk to many links directories, but this has become such a common practice, it does not yield good results for search engine rankings. It places the same URL, same Title and same description on every link directory, making it appear unnatural, which Google in particular doesn't like very much. Just getting as many backlinks as possible isn't the goal, its good, relevant backlinks you're looking for. Not to mention this usually costs a good deal of money.

Submitting to a Link Exchange is a good way to receive relevant backlinks to your affiliate site. for example, is a link exchange service that allows you to request backlinks from other Link2Me members. Your link will be added to their site, as you will add their link to your own. This is called a reciprocal link. Link2Me is a free service for requesting up to 5 links per day, $29.95/year for unlimited link requests. Going one step further by researching each link's Google PR (Page Ranking), you can choose the highest ranking pages to link with, which could be time consuming, yet extremely useful in raising your own Google PR.

The last option, which many don't like because of the time expended, is to seek out web sites with content related to your own, who have obtained a good Google PR (at least 4, 7+ is excellent). Write an e-mail to the webmaster stating, in a very complimentary and professional manner, that you want to link to their web site and would appreciate a reciprocal link back to your own site. While this does take time, it can earn you some excellent backlinks. It also avoids the monotonous behavior of bulk submissions.

PG Shortcuts & Tips

Accessing The CMS Admin Panel

The acronym, CMS, stands for Content Management System. There are two ways you can access the Site CMS Admin Panel of your affiliate site. You may go to the admin URL, which looks something like this:, then entering the login and password. Or you may access your Site CMS Admin Panel from the Pearl Gaming web site.

When you log-in to your Pearl Gaming account from using the Affiliate Login area, you are entering your Affiliate Site Admin Panel. This is different from your Affiliate Site CMS Admin Panel. The Affiliate Site Admin Panel allows you to manage your Pearl Gaming account, profile and the basic details of the affiliate site(s) you own, as well as create new affiliate sites or delete/disable existing ones. The CMS Admin Panel allows you to edit and manage the actual content of an affiliate web site.

Accessing your Site CMS by logging into your Pearl Gaming account can be especially useful if you manage multiple affiliate sites, allowing you to instantly enter the CMS Admin Panel for more than one site at the same time. Follow these simple steps to enter your Site CMS Admin Panel from the Pearl Gaming web site.

1. Go to

2. Enter your Pearl Gaming Login and Password in the Affiliate Login area on the left, then press Enter.

3. You will see your Profile details. Click the Site Generation tab from the top menu.

4. You will see a list of your affiliate sites and several Actions available. Click Open Site CMS under Actions to access the CMS Admin Panel for the affiliate site you wish to enter. Note: The CMS Admin Panel will open in a new window, so you may open more than one at the same time without losing your Pearl Gaming Admin page.

New Pearl Gaming Software Feature

Integrating Banners Into Templates

Did you know you can add banners to your web site template with a few clicks of the mouse? Pearl Gaming has implemented a new feature in the Banners menu that allows you to do just that! Banners of all sizes can be added to the Left Menu and Right Menu of your affiliate web site, and centered above or below your content.

To use this awesome feature, login to your admin panel and choose Banners from the top menu. Sub-menu options will be Browser or Banner Position - choose Banner Position. The positions consist of Menu 1, 2 and 3, Right Box 1, 2 and 3, All Body Top and All Body Bottom. Menu 1, 2 and 3 are located under your Directory Menu. You can place up to 3 banners (hence the 1, 2 and 3 options) in this position, directly beneath one another. Right Box 1, 2 and 3 are used in the same manner, but show up on the right side of the template. All Body Top will position a banner directly above your page content, while All Body Bottom will position the banner below your content. If you scroll to the bottom of the Banner Positions page, you may click "Look at positions on front-end" to see exactly where each location is on your own template. Positions may vary depending on your template.

Once you have selected the desired position, click on a banner size. Now click "Add Banner to this Position". You will then be asked to choose the casino you wish to add a banner for. In the first drop down menu, choose the desired casino. In the second drop down menu, choose the link type, CPA or Revenue Share (if optional). For the third option, Media Type, choose Banner, then click the Show Image button. A list of available banners will appear below. Next, select a banner image from the list and click "Set this image" next to the banner image. Note: After clicking Show Image, if you receive this message, "Sorry, the banners for this casino are temporarily not available", there are no banners of the chosen size for that casino. Go back to Banner Position and choose a different size, or select a different casino from the drop down menu.


Payment Method News

More E-Wallets Pull Out Of Internet Gambling Market

It has been rumored over the past two weeks that ePassporte may be pulling out of the internet gambling market. Not much notice was paid to this rumor, as no ePassporte customers were notified of this possible change... that is, until now.

At least one online casino did send notices to their members on February 15th, 2007, that ePassporte would no longer be a valid payment option, which is what started the rumors to begin with. It has since been confirmed. ePassporte is, in fact, pulling out of the internet gambling market. All gambling operators’ accounts have been indefinitely suspended

Along with ePassporte, it has been reported and confirmed that PayTruCard has also resigned from the internet gambling market.

With so many E-Wallets pulling out of the industry, many players, as well as internet gambling companies across the globe, are outraged by suspension of funds and the lack of response received from some of the payment processors. Among the heated tempers, a class action lawsuit has even been mentioned against one E-Wallet company, though it has not, and may very well never be, initialized.

Where this will all lead, if anywhere, is yet to be determined. Pearl Gaming is keeping a watchful eye on these current events and will keep our affiliates posted on further developments

Internet Gambling Law News

Will US Repeal Online Gambling Law?

The latest gossip at the virtual water cooler this week has been a buzz as to whether the US government will repeal the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). It was reported that long-time politician and current Democratic chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, is calling for a repeal of the Internet Gambling Laws and a two year amnesty.

These reports however have been unfounded. Barney Frank's press secretary, Steve Adamske had this to say, "As you know, he [Congressman Frank] is opposed to restrictions on online gambling, but there is nothing currently underway to repeal the restrictions on Internet gambling in the United States. There are a lot of reports coming out of Europe and I have no idea where they are coming from. There hasn't been anyone on our staff talking about that, including the Chairman."

As many of you may remember, Congressman Frank has been publicly opposed to the UIGEA since March of 2006, stating "Adults are entitled to do with their money what they want to do." He also claimed that the bill was a violation of individuals' rights, comparing it to Prohibition, which we all know failed miserably.

Amid the rumors last week, many related stocks rose as investors were excited about the prospect of a repeal on the UIGEA. These same stocks fell again as the legitimacy of the reports turned out to be false.

Pearl Gaming Site of the Month

The entire staff of Pearl Gaming would like to congratulate Steve, the webmaster of, for winning our very first Pearl Gaming Site of the Month! This is achieved by the development of maximum SEO, the highest hit rate and gaining the most players through the use of Pearl Gaming's innovative tools. has implemented products and reviews, forum, blog, plus individual game links with reviews, game rules and strategies, each with a link to every casino that offers these games. We at Pearl Gaming think Steve has done an outstanding job and are proud to present him with the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month!

When asked how he felt about winning site of the month, Steve had this to say, "Excited. There are a lot of good looking sites in the Pearl Gaming family, and it was nice to know I was lucky enough to be picked." Steve has been a member of Pearl Gaming since November, 2006, and has had previous experience with affiliate web sites. We asked Steve if he thought Pearl Gaming's Admin Tools helped him to create the best site, to which he replied, "Yes. The [Pearl Gaming] tools made it tremendously easier to add all the things needed to be a good site. It can take a lot of time to create material, articles, reviews and place banners in a site. These admin tools make that so much easier." He went on to give Pearl Gaming's customer support team a fantastic rating of 10!

As the winner of Pearl Gaming Site of the Month, will receive a featured link on the Pearl Gaming web site. Congratulations Steve!!!

Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month

Club World Euro

Betfred Poker

Pearl Gaming is proud to announce Club Euro World and Betfred Poker as the winners of Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month. We had originally intended to pick just one Property of the Month, but with the impeccable quality of these two online gaming houses, it was simply too hard to choose between them.

Club Euro Casino was an easy choice for us at Pearl Gaming for its elegance and high quality gaming experience. They put their customers first and make every effort to establish long-lasting relationships with their members, guaranteeing prompt and personal replies to all customer support inquiries. Club World Euro has set the highest standard for online gaming, security and complete customer satisfaction.

Betfred Poker is owned and operated by the world's largest independent bookmaker, the Betfred company, established in 1967. Their vast experience in the industry was brought to the virtual world in 2004 and never missed a beat. Betfred offers the most specials, promotions and bonuses in the online gaming community, rightfully earning the nickname, "The Bonus King". Combined with exciting game play, professional customer support and cutting-edge security, this online poker room made its way quickly to the top.

As Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month, we would like to encourage our affiliates to highlight Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker as two of the elite online gaming properties available today! Both Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker will be receiving featured links on our web site as Pearl Gaming Properties of the Month.

We at Pearl Gaming hope you've enjoyed and can put to use the knowledge contained in our Weekly Newsletter. In addition, if any affiliate of Pearl Gaming would like to contribute material to our future Newsletters, please feel free to contact and/or send the material to [email protected] Any material provided by our affiliates that is published in the Pearl Gaming Newsletter will receive a backlink you the affiliate's site. Please note that the content provided must be your original work.

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