Welcome to the first weekly Pearl Gaming Newsletter. We at Pearl Gaming are very excited by this landmark event, as it stands for progress and proves the current success experienced by our affiliates. The first few months of an e-commerce business usually defines its success, or in many cases, its failure.

Metaphorically speaking, since Pearl Gaming launched in November, 2006, not only have we stayed afloat, we've upgraded from an inflatable life preserver to a small but sleek sail boat. Working together with our affiliates, over time, let's see if we can't trade in that sail boat for a first class river boat. Who knows, maybe we'll even have a casino on board ;)

PG Shortcuts & Tips

Utilizing the Site Menu Tool

Pearl Gaming has developed the Site Menu tool so that affiliates may create, edit and design the Directory Menu for their affiliate web site as fast and easy as possible. With only a few clicks, you are able to add, remove, arrange and rename pages linked on your Directory Menu.

You are also able to add the keywords and description for these pages simply by choosing Edit from the Site Menu list of directory items. The Up/Down options allow affiliates to arrange the items on their Directory Menu in any order desired. You may enable or disable an item on the directory menu by clicking the On/Off option, allowing you to edit  or revise a page to your liking before visitors are given access to it.

There is complete documentation in the Pearl Gaming User Manual on how to use the Site Menu tool. If any further assistance is required, please don't hesitate to contact any of our Affiliate Managers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's what they're here for!


Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

Pearl Gaming SEO Secrets

To succeed in the affiliate world, a web site must contain the highest level of SEO (SEO Engine Optimization). Linking your description, keywords and content is a perfect way to help achieve this goal. That means utilizing all of your keywords and keyword phrases in your description, as well as your page's content.

Don't use too many keywords. It's too hard to use all of them enough times to make them SEO relevant. Choose a few great keywords and make sure to use each word in your description. Then, if you have an image on your page, give it an Alternative Text (the text that shows up when you mouse-over it). The ALT Text can be your page's description, thereby adding all of your keywords into the page again, where the visitor doesn't even know it. This helps lower redundancy.

Finally, your text should contain all keywords at the top of your page, middle of your page and again at the end. You can use your page description in the opening "Welcome" line for the top. Be creative and try to make the text flow. Pointless redundancy is not going to impress your readers.

Payment Method News

YouTeller: True or False?

A new E-Wallet, YouTeller, has been spoken of at length in the online gambling news world lately. First, it was set to become the next NETeller, opening their doors to US customers. Then it was widely spread that YouTeller is falsely claiming to have obtained a Small E-Money Certificate from the British Financial Services Authority (FSA). So which is it, true or false?

Earlier this month, the FSA stated they would investigate the matter to determine whether YouTeller truly held a small e-money certificate. The confusion came as there are two Seed Capital Limited companies, one in London, which owns YouTeller, and one in Oxford, which is an insurance mediation company. The Seed Capital Limited company listed on the FSA web site was located in Oxford, while no one could find proof that Seed Capital Limited, located in London, actually had any association with the FSA.

The results are in! A spokesperson for the FSA has now confirmed that YouTeller was indeed granted a small e-money certificate. It appears that YouTeller is a legitimate E-Wallet, set to launch in March. Assuming now that YouTeller will be a valid payment option for US customers, the company may be set to quickly become one of the top E-Wallets in the online gaming community.

For anyone with lingering apprehensions, it is recommended to wait until YouTeller launches in March, 2007 before signing up an account, as it cannot be utilized until then, anyway.

New Pearl Gaming Software Feature

Utilizing the Article Manager Tool

Pearl Gaming has recently implemented an Article Manager tool to instantly install various articles to your affiliate web site. The tool can be found on your Admin Panel, under Pages / Install Article. You will find a list of pre-written, SEO ready articles available. More articles will be added on a regular basis.

Upon entering the Install Article menu, you'll see the name of each article with options to Install and/or Read Article. After clicking Install, you'll be asked to type a filename. Note that you DO NOT add a file extension, such as ".html". The installation process will do this for you. After typing the filename, click Copy To Site.

Once installed, you'll need to add the article to your page. Click Site Menu from the Admin Panel, then Add Item in the sub-tab menu. You'll have a set of fields to fill out; Parent, Target and Item to Install. To place the article on your main page Directory Menu, leave the Parent as "Root (###)". For Target, choose whether the article will open in the same (self) window or a new window. For Item to Install, choose Add Page. Now the Page option will pop up. Click the drop down menu and choose the name of the Article you just installed, then click the Add button.

You can also install articles to specific pages, rather than your main page directory. This is done by choosing a different Parent, as described above. Instead of choosing "Root (###)", you will select "Root >> (Name of page)".

For more information, there is a detailed user manual for the Article Manager, or contact an Affiliate Manager for more assistance.

Pearl Gaming Site of the Month


The entire staff of Pearl Gaming would like to congratulate Steve, the webmaster of www.slotsreviewonline.com, for winning our very first Pearl Gaming Site of the Month! This is achieved by the development of maximum SEO, the highest hit rate and gaining the most players through the use of Pearl Gaming's innovative tools.

www.slotsreviewonline.com has implemented products and reviews, forum, blog, plus individual game links with reviews, game rules and strategies, each with a link to every casino that offers these games. We at Pearl Gaming think Steve has done an outstanding job and are proud to present him with the Pearl Gaming Site of the Month!

When asked how he felt about winning site of the month, Steve had this to say, "Excited. There are a lot of good looking sites in the Pearl Gaming family, and it was nice to know I was lucky enough to be picked." Steve has been a member of Pearl Gaming since November, 2006, and has had previous experience with affiliate web sites. We asked Steve if he thought Pearl Gaming's Admin Tools helped him to create the best site, to which he replied, "Yes. The PG tools made it tremendously easier to add all the things needed to be a good site. It can take a lot of time to create material, articles, reviews and place banners in a site. These admin tools make that so much easier." He went on to give Pearl Gaming's customer support team a fantastic rating of 10!

As the winner of Pearl Gaming Site of the Month, www.slotsreviewonline.com will receive a featured link on the Pearl Gaming web site. Congratulations Steve!!!

Pearl Gaming Properties of the Week

Club World Euro

Betfred Poker

Pearl Gaming is proud to announce Club Euro World and Betfred Poker as the winners of Pearl Gaming Properties of the Week. We had originally intended to pick just one Property of the Week, but with the impeccable quality of these two online gaming houses, it was simply too hard to choose between them.

Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker have both displayed the highest standards of excellency in every aspect of their online casinos. Awesome game variety and streaming software capabilities are just a few of the key features at Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker. They offer expert customer support and employ the strictest security measures. Deposit and withdraw methods are found in abundance. The overall gaming experience and outstanding rate of customer satisfaction give both of these online gaming properties an A+ in our books!

As Pearl Gaming Properties of the Week, we would like to encourage our affiliates to highlight Club Euro Casino and Betfred Poker as two of the elite online gaming properties available today!

We at Pearl Gaming hope you've enjoyed and can put to use the knowledge contained in this, our very first Weekly Newsletter. In addition, if any affiliate of Pearl Gaming would like to contribute material to our future Newsletters, please feel free to contact and/or send the material to [email protected] Any material provided by our affiliates that is published in the Pearl Gaming Newsletter will receive a backlink to the affiliate's site. Please note that the content provided must be your original work.

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Winward Casino
Bingo For Money
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Casino 21
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