Once in a while, a very unique program enters the online gambling industry designed to WOW those who think they’ve seen everything.

We at Pearl Gaming would like to take a moment welcome you into our affiliate world, where you will personally experience the power brought to you by our individually trained affiliate managers, and superior programming staff.

Pearl Gaming is a fast growing casino affiliate network like no other available in the gambling market.

Pearl Gaming offers casino affiliate’s an entire turn-key solutions package, we walk with affiliates through every step as they lucratively promote your online gambling properties with unbridled success.

By Joining Pearl Gaming, you allow your company the ability to expand rapidly by utilizing our extensive database of online casino affiliates, and the tools that we provide them.

Imagine if you will, a new way for affiliates to break into the gaming affiliate world. No more wandering blindly, with affiliates pouring their hearts unknowingly into online banner farms, only to later, much later, tear them down to start from scratch.

We personally teach our affiliates how to succeed, how to convert clicks to dollar signs at your online casino. Pearl Gaming affiliates will soon be marketing your online casino world wide!

From the moment a new or seasoned gambling affiliate signs up for an affiliate account with Pearl Gaming, we are there walking every step with them, making life easier, and assuring that they do not get lost along the way, retaining affiliates, referring players. Here’s how:

Instant Affiliate Site Generation

Within moments of signing up and becoming an approved Pearl Gaming affiliate new members to get a presentable website up and running! Through the use of our Generation Wizard, the entire process of building a ‘sticky’ website takes less than a minute. Literally.

Pearl Gaming Affiliates have the option to choose from many of our custom, professional templates, include a forum, a blog, and then move right into creating individual website pages!

Free Gambling Content

Once the site is created, and the affiliate begins to get a feel for things, we’re still there; still freely offering our affiliates the tools to rank high in the search engines, one of the ways we do this is by providing all affiliates with a myriad of professionally written gambling content for use on their websites.

Pearl Gaming’s free gambling content consists of compelling and useful articles, as well as reviews of your casino property, these are proven conversion tools in the gambling affiliate industry, acquired through the use of both Pearl Gaming staff writers, and free lance writers from the online gambling industry!

The best part is, with just a click of a mouse, the affiliate has the power to add your banner to any page of their website! We offer several banner options for every online gambling affiliate program featured by Pearl Gaming, preloaded!

Simple Editor For All Website Pages

A simple website editor is included in every Pearl Gaming affiliate template. The inclusion of this custom software allows our gambling affiliates the ease of creating additional pages for their gambling communities without actually knowing any html, PHP, or other languages generally used when building online gambling portals.

Casino Affiliate Tools

In addition to the tools mentioned above, Pearl Gaming has included tools specifically meant to add to the stickiness of an online gaming forum and community such as a tournament management system that allows affiliates to request private tournaments directly from their Pearl Gaming affiliate manager.

These tournaments are often offered as a promotion from Pearl Gaming to all of our world wide affiliates, geo targeted, or site specific.

Online Casino’s utilizing the Pearl Gaming platform for promotion of their poker rooms are also given the option of adding an online hand history feature that will allow each player to access their hand history from the affiliates website, this is another great way to keep players coming back!

Off Shore Hosting!

Affiliates representing your casino or poker room will also be offered hosting located outside the US. Since Pearl Gaming is all about retaining and growing with affiliates, this hosting is offered FREE to all Pearl Gaming affiliates, leaving them to worry more about marketing YOUR online casino, bingo or poker room, not little things like website hosting.

Aggregated Statistics

One of the largest drawbacks that traditional affiliates are encountering is the fact that they need to check their earning and traffic statistics from different sources, this introduces some problems, first it can become very time consuming to get the data from multiple sources and last but not least it makes it more difficult for the affiliates to compare the performance between different casinos, this is no longer the case with the Pearl Gaming Platform.

AWStats Free!

Every Pearl Gaming affiliate has access to AWStats, as they grow as in the industry Pearl Gaming affiliate managers will teach affiliates how to utilize these numbers, and turn them into profits for you!

Pearl Gaming affiliates will have a complete turn-key program from day one. We provide the affiliates with their website and content for those websites and we’ll even host the site. We’ll give the affiliate the auto-responders they need complete with newsletters and welcome letters.

Pearl Gaming Affiliates Stay Motivated!

Our affiliates will stay interested in your casino or poker room because we are going to make the affiliate business fun again. Leader boards, centralized traffic and earning stats will certainly get the attention of the money-minded individuals among us and for the poker players who join us; private tournaments will be something our affiliates will look forward to with Pearl Gaming. This is just the beginning.

A strong belief in the affiliate business is the foundation you will see this business built upon and we’re building it with strong casino and poker room partners. We’d love to have you join us.

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